We help teachers bring the world to North Carolina classrooms

NC Teacher in India.2013

In a world increasingly characterized by globalization, interconnectedness, and interdependence, it is essential young people have the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to live and work in a global society. In order to prepare students for these challenges, they must have teachers who understand global processes and can employ a global perspective in the classroom. Since 1991, Go Global NC has provided experiential learning opportunities to help educators bring the world to North Carolina classrooms. Teachers from all grade levels and all subject areas use these new global experiences to ignite an interest in global competition and cooperation among their students.

Through our Global Teachers opportunities:

Global Teachers 2

  • More than 800 K-12 teachers and administrators have studied abroad.
  • Participants have explored the education systems, cultures and shared issues of the day in 16 different countries.
  • Hundreds of original global lesson plans have been developed and implemented.

Empowering teachers to engage the world

In 2017, twenty-eight teachers returned from Germany filled with ideas for infusing NC classrooms with a global perspective and new ways of teaching. Check out our recap of their program for lots of great pictures and highlights of teachers’ learnings from around the world and serving North Carolina.

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For information regarding the Global Teachers Program, please contact Nick Rau at narau@northcarolina.edu or Meredith Henderson at mlh@northcarolina.edu