Assignment: A Home on the Field

Chatham County community leaders who anchor our 2015 Latino Initiative have a reading assignment. Author and UNC-Chapel Hill professor Paul Cuadros is coming to Mexico with us and his book, A Home on the Field, was a natural pick for this year’s book pick. Together we’ll read about culture clash in Siler City and some powerful healing on the soccer field with the Jordan-Matthews High School Jets.

We can’t wait for the book discussion and are grateful to Paul for agreeing to be Team Leader for the 2015 Latino Initiative. To learn more about his amazing work with UNC students through the Scholars’ Latino Initiative program, CLICK HERE.

Meanwhile, the CIU travel delegation is taking shape and we are thrilled, so far, to have Chatham County representation from law enforcement, public health, K-12 education, community colleges, city government and economic development. Next up for our group: Chatham County needs assessment and, of course, read A Home on the Field.


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Beijing Opera on YouTube: Chinese Guest Teacher Creates Excitement

Polk County Middle School students have seen Beijing opera on YouTube, learned to write characters and speak basic conversation in Mandarin, and gained an understanding that students in China have much longer school days and larger class sizes than they do.

CIU Chinese Guest Teacher Han Jun is bringing authentic Chinese language and culture learning to Polk County and expanding students’ perspectives.

“Learning and studying about China from a book is one thing . . . having a guest teacher from China brings the study alive,” Principal Hank Utz told Life in Our Foothills magazine.

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Watch a clip of Beijing opera below.

NC Education Leaders Serious about Global Education

April 17, 2015

The North Carolina State Board of Education has published a road map for increasing student global competence. SBE member and CIU Board Member Wayne McDevitt chaired the Task Force on Global Education which developed the report, “Preparing Students for the World.”

The 2013 report outlines 5 “Commitments” meant to focus resources strategically to “ensure every public school student graduates fully prepared for the world in which he or she will live, work, and contribute.”

CIU and other global education partners around the state are actively assisting the board and leaders at the Department of Public Instruction in implementing the plan.

Click here to read the report.