Go Global NC, part of the University of North Carolina System, is delighted to invite applications for Global Teachers – Australia 2020.

This amazing program “down under” offers the opportunity to explore a country that is diverse in many ways – culture, populations, climate, geography, and history. While Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples have inhabited the continent since about 50,000-60,0000 years ago, Europeans only arrived in the 17th century, beginning Australia’s colonial history. Today, Australia could be considered a nation of immigrants with more than 270 ethnic groups calling the island nation home. Australia is similarly diverse in terms of climate and native species. While most of Australia is arid and semi-arid, it is also home to a tropical rain forest in the north. An island continent, Australia is home to a wide variety of native species found nowhere else on the planet. Similar in size to the continental United States, Australia only has a population of approximately 25 million, and parts of the country are sparsely populated which can make the provision of education and other services challenging. These characteristics help make Australia an ideal place for Go Global NC to host an experiential learning journey, Global Teachers – Australia 2020, designed for North Carolina K-12 teachers from all grade levels and subject areas. Specific program goals include:

  • Learn about Australia’s unique history, culture, and physical environment
  • Explore native peoples’ rights by comparing and contrasting the experiences of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders peoples and our own Native American populations
  • Study the impact of a warming sea on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and the Australian government’s response
  • Experience Australia’s approach to rural education, gaining insight into how Australia provides high quality education to students who live great distances from the nearest town
  • Network and collaborate with other program participants ways to implement global perspectives and global education into the classroom

Global Teachers – Australia 2020 will begin with a comprehensive two-day orientation program in North Carolina, including presentations from professors and experts on Australia; a two-week immersion program in Australia in July; and a full-day workshop in the fall to develop and hone curriculum units and lesson plans.

Why Australia?

Each year, Go Global NC’s Global Teachers program focuses on a country that has a significant impact in North Carolina and the world or can provide North Carolina teachers with new knowledge, ideas, and solutions that will be useful in their own classrooms, schools, and communities. Australia was selected for 2020 for many opportunities to study, and compare and contrast to the United States and North Carolina, including but not limited to:

  • Studying the physical environment from the northern to the southern tip of eastern Australia, including the magnificent Great Barrier Reef – the earth’s largest living organism – and how Australians are working to save this natural wonder of the world; lush tropical rainforests in with exotic flora and fauna; and islands populated by penguins and other native species.
  • Learning how the Australian government harnesses natural resources across diverse landscapes and climates without exploitation
  • Being immersed the history and culture of the country in both its large cities and rural communities by visiting national museums, cultural centers, and other iconic sites.
  • Learning more about the culture and history of Australia’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Viewing the full spectrum of the Australian education system, including interactions with K-12 educators and students in public and private schools; presentations from K-12 teacher pipeline programs, and visits to universities; taking a deep dive into Australia’s education
  • Understanding how Australia and Australian organizations meet the challenges of delivering resources and education to children in rural, disparate, or underserved communities
  • Learning about Australia’s colonial and immigration culture; the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and their relationship with the Australian government; and the parallels and differences to the relationship between Native Americans and immigrants and the U.S. government

Upon completion of the Global Teachers – Australia 2020 program, delegates will have the capacity to incorporate their global experiences in Australia into their North Carolina classrooms, schools, and communities.

Background and Purpose

Go Global NC’s Global Teachers program, founded in 1995, provides professional development to K-12 teachers from across North Carolina through an in-depth learning experience about the history, culture and environment of other countries. Programs begin with an intense orientation workshop, followed by a 10- to 14-day international immersive learning experience abroad. In the fall, Go Global NC leads an action-planning workshop, which creates a platform for collaboration and creativity to ensure teachers are prepared to share their global experiences in their own North Carolina classrooms. Teachers from all grade levels and all subject areas use their new global experiences to ignite an interest in global engagement and cooperation among their students and in their communities. More than 1,000 teachers and administrators have studied abroad in 17 different countries through Go Global NC’s Global Teachers professional development programs.

About Go Global NC

Go Global NC, part of the University of North Carolina System since 1979, designs and manages programs that build the capacity of policy leaders, educators, students, and business and community leaders to enable North Carolina to succeed in a global economy and increasingly interdependent world. Visit goglobalnc.org to learn how Go Global NC connects North Carolina and the world.

Program Fee, Eligibility and Selection Process

The program fee for the year-long Global Teachers – Australia 2020 professional development program is $6,500. Global Teacher Awards fully or largely subsidize the cost for most participants. For eligibility and selection requirements for awards in your area, please see the accompanying email.

Documents needed to complete the application:

  • A statement indicating ways that you would utilize your experiences abroad to enrich your practice as an educator (no more than one page)
  • Mandatory Program Dates:

    • Friday and Saturday, April 24 – 25, 2020: Program Orientation in Raleigh
    • Friday, July 17 – Sunday, August 2, 2020: Program in Australia
    • Saturday, October 17, 2020: Follow Up Workshop in Raleigh